Winter 2023-2024

Rutgers School of Nursing–Camden reflects on a rich history of public health, and welcomes an opportunity-filled future

Chancellor Antonio D. Tillis

Chancellor Antonio D. Tillis

A Message from the Chancellor

Thank you for reading the newest edition of Rutgers–Camden Magazine! Our university has had so much to celebrate in 2023. The articles you are about to explore represent just a few highlights of what our community has achieved this year in research, scholarship, and serving others. I hope this magazine is an introduction to faculty, staff, students, and alumni you may not have crossed paths with before. If you see them around campus, say hello, let them know you were moved by their story, and congratulate them on all they do to elevate Rutgers–Camden.

I wish to thank the individuals featured in the magazine for sharing not just their time and their stories, but also their passions and talents. Those passions and talents—which each member of our community possesses in a variety of forms—are the lifeblood of our university. I hope this magazine leaves you amazed, inspired, and ready to add to the story of your own Rutgers–Camden journey.

Antonio D. Tillis, Ph.D.

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#49 Top Public Schools
#98 National Universities
#35 Top Performers on Social Mobility
#65 Best Colleges for Veterans
#86 Undergraduate Nursing Program
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An Award-Winning Commitment to Research—and Education

Biology professor Maria Solesio focuses her research on the study of mitochondrial dysfunction in common diseases, but she is also creating opportunities for diverse students to learn

Bridging a Primary Health Care Shortage in New Jersey

An HRSA grant worth more than $2.5 million is bringing change for the better to the challenging healthcare landscape of Cumberland County
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The Female Future of Politics

Electoral expert Kelly Dittmar analyzes opportunities and challenges for women in government
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Tropical Glaciers In Peril

Professor Daniel Shain explores why the decline of these little-known natural resources is a big problem
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Rutgers-Camden Research Shows Impact of Gun Violence on Health and Well-Being of Neighborhoods

Criminal Justice professors received a $277,000 grant from the National Science Foundation to explore environmental neighborhood risks that may perpetuate gun violence
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From The Top: The Psychology of CEO Compensation

As CEO salaries continue to skyrocket, professor Rong Ma considers how compensation packages influence executive decisions
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Giving Voice to the Voiceless

Inside law professor J.C. Lore's mission to help Kenya’s legal system work for all Kenyans
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Experts in Flight

Rutgers School of Business–Camden professors examine the changing state of travel and the airline industry
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Handle With Care

Predictive modeling has transformative potential in the diagnosis of medical conditions—but its complexities provide a tough test for scientists
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Getting Savvy About Cybersecurity

Persistent and ever-increasing attacks by bad actors highlight the pressing need for more sophisticated approaches to data security
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For the Love of Language

Ana Laguna has shared her passion for Spanish history, literature, and culture with Rutgers–Camden students for over two decades
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A Hazy Future

Wildfires have shown that air-quality issues and weather-related events can strike in a variety of climates
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Meet Our New Faculty

Rutgers University–Camden welcomes 21 new faculty Members for the 2023-24 academic year


A Provost's Passion

New Executive Vice Chancellor and Provost Sandra Richtermeyer recalls her path to Rutgers–Camden and looks at the possibilities ahead
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Research Vice Chancellor is Creating an Impact

The new Vice Chancellor for Research at Rutgers–Camden delivers on a longstanding reputation for pioneering research and academic excellence as the university moves toward expanding its Carnegie classification from R2 to R1
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Rutgers Law Welcomes New Dean

As Rutgers Law’s new dean, Johanna Bond brings transformative leadership to Camden and beyond
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Advocating for Students, All the Time

Vice Chancellor Marsha Lowery and the Division of Student Academic Success use a personal approach to help students thrive
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Home From the Start

The deeper college students immerse themselves in life on campus, the higher their chance of a smooth journey to graduation. It’s no surprise, then, that Rutgers–Camden’s Division of Student Affairs is committed to ensuring students truly feel at home from the moment they set foot on campus
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A Degree Decades in the Making

71-year-old doctor of nursing practice student Veronica Charles aims to continue providing and promoting quality medical care around the world

Full of Scarlet Spirit

How a set of Raptor wings led alumna Kaila Crozier to discover the campus’s “true heart and soul”
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Shining Bright

Formerly incarcerated student Wali Palmer conducts laser research at Princeton
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Heading Into Space

Jack Kent Cooke Scholar Amber Traylor has her eyes set on NASA
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Bringing the Competition Home

After witnessing the benefits of STEM Olympiad firsthand, Syeda Aiman Nadeem worked to make Rutgers–Camden the event’s next host
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Leading From A Place of Purpose

Matthew Brodsky's name may be coming to a ballot near you
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Rethinking the Ivory Tower

Prentiss Dantzler researches the intersection of race and urban housing policy at home and abroad
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Alumnus Champions Diversity, Inclusivity in Public Service

Executive Master of Public Administration alumnus Joe Forte advocates for greater representation
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Brains, Heart, and Courage

Ryan Bunch, Ph.D. graduate in childhood studies, shares how lessons from “The Wizard of Oz” shape his life and work
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Isabella Choice. Photo Credit: Kaila Crozier

Isabella Choice. Photo Credit: Kaila Crozier

Holding Court

Biology major, artist, and volleyball star? It’s all in a day’s work for Isabella Choice
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Gem by the River

Once without a home, Rutgers–Camden baseball now occupies one of the most beautiful ballparks in the sport
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Antonio D. Tillis, Ph.D.

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