2022: A Year In Review

The Top Ten Stories From Rutgers–Camden

Throughout 2022, Rutgers University-Camden faculty, staff, students, and alumni have achieved unprecedented success in research and scholarship. As we welcomed the return of a lively campus environment, the Rutgers–Camden Office of Marketing and Communications continued its commitment to elevating the remarkable stories of our university's accomplishments.

As we look forward to a new year, we invite you to revisit the most-read stories to emerge from Rutgers–Camden in 2022. Together, they highlight the academic excellence, innovative spirit, and civic engagement that characterize our community.

Research Highlight

10. Driving Innovation

The world's largest open-track traffic experiment is being conducted by the CIRCLES Consortium – comprised of Benedetto Piccoli, vice chancellor for research and the Joseph and Loretta Lopez Chair of Mathematics, along with several researchers nationwide – are testing 100 AI-equipped vehicles to mitigate human-caused traffic jams.

Student Success

9. Food For Thought

Rutgers–Camden opens state-of-the-art Teaching Kitchen. The collaborative space offers students do-it-yourself dishes along with classes on nutrition and culinary skills.

Research Highlight

8. Exit Stage Left

Broadway theater enters a new era as The Phantom of the Opera gets its first Black female lead.

Research Hightlight

7. Built to Last

Rutgers–Camden chemists create sustainable materials while succeeding against the odds. Less than 10 percent of American chemists are Hispanic, but David Salas-de La Cruz and Abby Morales won’t let numbers prevent them from breaking barriers.

Student Success

6. Many Reasons to Cheer

Rutgers University–Camden graduates celebrate with four Commencement ceremonies and the inaugural Rites of Passage ceremony for Black and Latinx students

Research Highlight

5. Representation Matters: Ida B. Wells

Rutgers–Camden researcher weighs in on Ida B. Wells Barbie doll. Professor Charlotte Markey says the collection still lacks accurate representation.

Research Highlight

4. Representation Matters: The Supreme Court

Rutgers Law Vice Dean Stacy Hawkins reacts to the first Black female Supreme Court nominee, noting the symbolic and practical implications of increased representation on the bench.

Faculty Success

3. A Matter of Perspective: A Ukrainian in America

Rutgers–Camden Librarian Regina Koury reflects on the life she left in Ukraine.

Faculty Success

2. Rutgers University–Camden Welcomes 18 New Faculty for 2022-23 Academic Year

Rutgers University–Camden Chancellor Antonio D. Tillis is pleased to extend a warm welcome from the entire Rutgers–Camden community to the 18 educators and scholars joining the faculty this semester.

Faculty Success

1. Chancellor Marks First Year, Looks to a Bright Future

Please join us in celebrating Chancellor Antonio D. Tillis' one-year anniversary at Rutgers University–Camden! Check out the Chancellor's one-year anniversary video and feature story. We hope you enjoy the "walking video tour," in which he discusses his philosophy of higher education and answers rapid-fire questions that reveal a few fun facts!

We hope you have enjoyed this look back at the top stories of 2022. Please visit our site regularly for the latest news from Rutgers University–Camden.

Top National Media Mentions 2022

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