Rutgers–Camden Chancellor’s Awards for Scarlet Excellence Celebrate Staff Contributions and Career Milestones

Rutgers University in Camden Chancellor Antonio D. Tillis’s Awards for Scarlet Excellence recognized dozens of faculty and staff members who have shown extraordinary commitment to the campus community through their exceptional contributions and consistently high levels of effective service. Over 100 people attended the annual celebration, held June 8 in the Multi-Purpose Room of the Campus Center. 

Chancellor Tillis’s opening remarks focused on the spirit of cooperation that is essential to Rutgers–Camden’s mission and values. He noted that many different programs and departments had received awards, and he praised the collaborative strength of the university.

“The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.” Chancellor Tillis said. “Rutgers–Camden could not operate were it not for the functioning of all these multiple, essential units. When we think about what makes an institution work, it is all of us.”

Chancellor Tillis congratulates Michael Fitzgerald, associate director of facilities on 40 years of services with Rutgers–Camden

Chancellor Tillis congratulates Michael Fitzgerald, associate director of facilities on 40 years of services with Rutgers–Camden

Staff celebrating 10 years of service

Staff celebrating 20 years of service

Staff celebrating 30 years of service

Staff celebrating 10 years of service

Staff celebrating 20 years of service

Staff celebrating 30 years of service

Chancellor Tillis celebrated the milestones of employees who have dedicated significant portions of their careers to Rutgers–Camden, most notably Will Lee, associate professor of mathematics in the College of Arts and Sciences, who was honored for a remarkable 50 years of service. Michael Fitzgerald, associate director of facilities, celebrated 40 years with Rutgers–Camden. Faculty and staff members marking anniversaries of 10, 20, and 30 years received applause and accolades.

“It says a lot about Rutgers–Camden, and about Rutgers writ large, to have colleagues who have dedicated many years of their lives in service of this institution,” Chancellor Tillis said.

Faculty & Staff Celebrating Milestone Anniversaries


  • Kim Alicea-Berrios
  • Kendall Barton
  • Janice Beitz
  • Raymond Berrios
  • James Bosch
  • Thomas Dahan
  • Angela DeRocini
  • Kelly Dittmar
  • Ashley Dolce
  • Matika Evans
  • Katie Eyer
  • James Gaither
  • Prospero Garcia
  • Rebekka Howell
  • Brenda Johnson
  • Sheirron Jones
  • Margo Kaplan
  • Angela Kelly
  • Timothy Knievel
  • Christine Lewis
  • Larry Lewis
  • Jacquelyn Liccketto
  • Sangeetha Maheshwari
  • Randi Mayers
  • Thomas McLaughlin
  • Shamira McNair
  • Edgar McQuade
  • David Mitchell
  • Alison Nissen
  • Adam Okulicz-Kozaryn
  • Donna Robertson
  • Jacqueline Roscoe
  • Ashley Ross
  • Aida Santos
  • Charlotte Schneider
  • Joann Schroeder
  • Andrew Scullin
  • Sharon Smith
  • Nancy Talley
  • Zara Wilkinson


  • Katherine Anderson
  • Danielle Askew
  • Melinda Aviles
  • Rose Aviles
  • Pierre Cadas
  • Gail Caputo
  • Jill Capuzzo
  • Allan Espiritu
  • John Gibson
  • Ellen Goodman
  • Joanne Gottesman
  • Diane Hagerman
  • Haydee Herrera-Guzman
  • Jean-Louis Hippolyte
  • Holly Humes
  • Denise Johnson-Steinert
  • Charlotte Markey
  • Michelle Meloy
  • Richard Michelfelder
  • Carberta Morrison
  • Kimberly Mutcherson
  • Andrea Ohrenich
  • Dora Perez
  • Christopher Slater
  • Chester Spell
  • Lorrin Thomas
  • Patrick Wallace
  • Soo Yi


  • Linda Bosniak
  • Perry Dane
  • Sonia Gonzalez
  • Daniel Gordon
  • M Habib
  • Nicholas Matteo
  • James Mobley
  • Madrid Moore
  • Ira Roseman

Michael Fitzgerald

Will Lee

Team & Individual Awards

In addition, the Chancellor’s Award for Staff Excellence in Service honors individuals and teams whose contributions surpass expectations. The Office of Financial Aid was lauded for continuously placing students first while implementing a new and challenging student planning module throughout the academic year. The Rutgers–Camden Police Department was honored for exemplifying its commitment to public safety through effective action.

Office of Financial Aid
Melanie Moretti, Rebekka Howell (not pictured), Lakeycha Vellon-Cortes

Rutgers–Camden Police Department
James Simmons, Yasmin Rodriguez, David Locha (not pictured), Mark Slifko

The following individuals received awards for their high caliber of work

Sharlene Joseph Brown
Senior executive administrator of the School of Nursing

Chrissie King
Assistant director of the Campus Center

Carla Mandell
Project and data manager in the School of Business

Julie Roncinske
Assistant dean of the College of Arts and Sciences

Shannon Traum
Student counselor in the School of Business

Chancellor Tillis closed his remarks by emphasizing the importance of each member of the Rutgers–Camden community. 

“I am very proud and pleased to be a servant to this institution and our students,” Chancellor Tillis said. “Those who serve Rutgers–Camden ensure our students can matriculate through Rutgers–Camden, earn their degrees, and elevate themselves while they elevate their families and communities.”

Creative Design: Karaamat Abdullah
Photographer: Ron Downes, Jr.

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