U.S. State Department Study Abroad Capacity 2023 IDEAS Grant Awarded to Rutgers University in Camden

Chancellor Antonio D. Tillis, Ph.D., is pleased to announce that Rutgers University in Camden is one of 34 colleges and universities across 28 states to be awarded a 2023 grant from the U.S. Department of State’s Increase and Diversify Education Abroad for U.S. Students (IDEAS) Program. This grant will assist in the development and expansion of our study and learning abroad program options for students around the world.

“I am particularly proud of receiving this grant because providing our students with cultural experiential learning opportunities outside of the United States is one of my top 15 in 5 strategic initiatives,” said Chancellor Tillis. “As we all increasingly don the mantel of globally connected and culturally aware citizens, the IDEAS grant will aid Rutgers–Camden in developing new international partnerships, create faculty and staff training modules, inspire the internationalization of curriculum, broaden study destinations, and reinforce the ability to fully engage our students in global opportunities for claiming their unique roles in this beautiful and diverse world.”

Rutgers–Camden is seeking to augment classroom instruction with international experiences that inspire and equip its students with the knowledge and skills necessary to navigate effectively within world communities and become worthy, global participants.

Since 2016, the IDEAS program has been increasing and diversifying U.S. students going abroad for educational opportunities, as well as diversifying the places where they study. This year’s IDEAS recipients reflect American diversity – as almost 25 percent represent two-year institutions, 40 percent represent minority-serving institutions, and 25 percent represent rural-serving institutions. Rutgers–Camden is a minority-serving institution.

The IDEAS Program also offers U.S. colleges and universities opportunities to participate in a series of study abroad capacity building activities, both virtual and in-person, to help create, expand, or diversify their study abroad programs. The IDEAS grant competition and capacity building initiatives are open to all accredited U.S. colleges and universities.

‘I am excited that Rutgers–Camden has received this important grant, which superbly aligns with our goal of creating international discovery opportunities for our students,” Chancellor Tillis said.

Creative Design: Douglas Shelton

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