24 in 2024: Celebrating Women of Black Excellence at Rutgers–Camden

In November of 2023, the Rutgers University–Camden Strategic Plan was released. The fourth pillar of that plan, “Beloved Camden Community: Advancing the Common Good on Campus and Beyond,” has been a longtime passion of staff member Siatta Davis.  Davis points to the fourth pillar as the north star that guides her efforts to support and celebrate her colleagues. She developed “24 in 2024: Celebrating Women of Black Excellence at Rutgers–Camden” as a passion project that highlights women who are the pillars in our campus community. Their voices and achievements do not go unnoticed. During Women’s History Month and every day, we celebrate these women.

This project features 24 women who:

  • Collaborate and support senior leadership
  • Exhibit professional excellence
  • Have a track record of supporting student success and inclusivity at Rutgers–Camden
  • Champion the needs and voices of their peers across campus
  • Have at least five years of service at Rutgers–Camden

Nadia Agarrat

Senior Admissions Officer
Office of Graduate and Undergraduate Admissions

Years of Service: 8

Significant Contributions: Chairing Study NJ to lead a consortium of higher education institutions with the purpose of promoting New Jersey as a premier destination for education and training to prospective students worldwide.  I’ve been able to strengthen international partnerships with selected U.S. secondary schools, community colleges, and foreign institutions.

Fun Fact: I've been on four continents and visited four of the seven wonders of the world.

Marissa Amos

Senior Program Coordinator
Office International Students and Global Programs

Years of Service: 11

Significant Contributions: One of the 15 -in-5 strategic goals is continued internationalization of the Rutgers-Camden campus. As my role primarily supports these efforts, we have had a international student population increase of 75% over the last two years.

Fun Fact: I really enjoy running and I speak German.   

Kelley S. Anderson

Assistant Registrar
Office of the Registrar

Years of Service: 17

Significant Contributions: Continuously update and suggest improvements of our systems collaboratively with Academic Advising, Department Chairs and Degree Navigator Administrators to improve student outcomes through excellence in student support.  Provides feedback regarding the functionality and design of current and future systems and development along with suggestions for system processes and changes.

Fun Fact: I was an art major.  I have a bachelor of science in industrial design

Danielle Askew

Assistant Dean
Graduate School of Arts and Sciences–Camden

Years of Service: 21

Significant Contributions:  As a 1st Gen student myself, I have spearheaded our 1st Gen graduate school initiative in hopes to build an easier bridge to 1st Gen undergrads interested, transitioning, and attending Grad School Camden.

Fun Fact: I am the first woman of color to serve as assistant dean in the Graduate School–Camden.

Elizabeth Atkins 

Associate Dean
Office of International Students and Global Programs

Years of Service: 14

Significant Contributions: I have spearheaded initiatives that enrich the university's internationalization mission through the Learning Abroad Program, the Passport to the World initiative, scholarship facilitation for Learning Abroad, and robust support services for international and undocumented students, fostering global perspectives and enhancing our global community engagement.

Fun Fact: I have five brothers. I am the only girl and all of our nicknames, including my parents, begin with the letter "B".


Tinishia Bass

Senior Program Administrator
Division of Diversity, Inclusion and Community Engagement    

Years of Service: 9

Significant Contributions: Strategic Pillar #3-Holistic Student Experience: Serving the Needs of the 21st-Century Student: As an out of school time professional for over 20 years, I have brought my years of training within the Children's Defense Fund Freedom Schools to the work that I currently do at Rutgers-Camden.  I have been able to create a welcoming and fun environment with all 52 staff members who range from RU students, certified teachers from the Camden City School District and the Catholic Partnership Schools to community partners.

I single handedly rebuilt the RU IGNITE program and we currently serve over 260 Camden City and Catholic Partnership students with quality academic enrichment programming. My goal is dismantling the cradle to prison pipeline and having the cradle directly connect to college. It is within the RU IGNITE program that students transition into the Rutgers Future Scholars program where they are provided with college access and career readiness.    

Fun Fact: Served within the US Army as an Ammunition Specialist.


Danielle Barbee 

Executive Director of Enrollment & Director of Financial Aid
Division of Enrollment Management

Years in Service: 17

Significant Contributions: Worked closely with RU–C stakeholders in implementing the awarding process for the Chancellor's Experiential Learning Fund by providing her Financial Aid expertise. She also implemented the process for “Raptor Rising Grant” a fund to assist graduating seniors with outstanding balances.

Fun Fact: Have an identical twin sister

Kendall Barton

Assistant Director, Strategic Retention Initiatives
Office of Retention-Student Academic Success

Years in Service: 12

Significant Contributions: In 2017, I was named the inaugural Assistant Director responsible for establishing the first-ever Student Success Coach Office University-wide. Meant to instill a sense of belonging and establish a strong foundation for success, the office continues to provide academic and transitional support to over 70% of the incoming class of first-year students each year. At one point during my tenure, data analysis for our programs demonstrated promising retention outcomes, such that students who worked with a success coach were retained into their second year at a rate 10% higher than those who did not participate in the coaching program. More recently in my current position, I have spearheaded a new "attrition-tracking" initiative with intentions to understand more deeply what prevents our students from persisting in college and how our campus can better support their success.

Fun Fact: I've recently developed a new obsession for crocheting

Stephanie Bladen

Associate Director
Student Accounting, Billing , and Cashier Services

Years of Service: 15

Significant Contributions: During my tenure as Associate Director I have focused on communication.  I have increased the departmental outreach with transparent communication to the schools. I am providing weekly reports to our campus partners allowing them to track student balances and hold placements.  In addition, to overseeing the payment center; I helped the campus implement check scanning capabilities to allow units to send funds directly to the bank electronically, saving the campus revenue by cutting down the need for twice-weekly pickups from the armored car service.  I am most proud of implementing more communication channels for our students to reach us.   We now have 4 ways in which students can reach out: in person, email(sales force case) zoom or telephone call backs.  We service the students when and where they feel most comfortable!

Fun Fact: My birthday is 06/06/68 and I share that date with friends who were born 6/6/66 and 06/06/67.  In addition, my great aunt's birthday was 06/06/08.

Natalie Cox 

SEED Officer, Internships and Mentorship Programs
Rutgers School of Business–Camden

Years of Service: 7

Significant Contributions: Consistent with Rutgers-Camden's mission to provide transformative opportunities to our students, I'm passionate about my commitment to our student population to expose them to business and civic professionals, Rutgers alum, employer partners, and the unique opportunities available through these channels. As a first-generation college student myself, there were very few resources to help guide me in this uncharted territory, so I strive to bridge that gap for our current students to expose them to transformative experiences that will impact their academic and career pursuits. I'm also a charter member of the campus-wide Experiential Learning Committee and was recently appointed to the Chancellor's Mayoral Internship Committee.

Fun Fact: I am an avid R&B line dancer who loves traveling internationally, and spending lots of quality time with my 5 grandchildren!

Siatta Davis

Program Coordinator
Division of Diversity, Inclusion and Community Engagement 

Years in Service: 10

Significant Contributions:
In my role I oversee the operations of the Hill Family Center for College Access where we provide support and guidance to students in historically underrepresented and marginalized communities to make the transition to higher education and post-secondary attainment.

Significant contributions to Rutgers University consist of various achievements.  I recently served as Committee Chair to the 24 in 24 Women of Black Excellence at Rutgers-Camden. Another point of pride is my commitment to shared governance.  As a University Senator I represent staff and aim to elevate their voices.  Helping to uplift the voices of my peers gives me a sense of belonging. My service to the Senate includes development of a comprehensive tobacco control policy that positions Rutgers as a leader among Tobacco Free universities nationally and globally. 

Fun Fact: I love Pilates and I am a Pilates instructor in training.

Kandace Diedrick

Assistant Dean II
Rutgers School of Business–Camden

Years of Service: 16

Significant Contributions: With an understanding that in order to create definable moments for individuals and teams, she honed her skills by completing the Gallup’s Global Strengths Coaching certification as well as ongoing coaching workshops via Life Bound, both of which focus on what people do well instead of their weaknesses. She is currently completing Cornell University's Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in the Workplace certification as a means of continuing to aim to live our the university's commitment to a just and equitable community. As she continues to be successful in her field, she leans on her years of experience in Non-Profit management and academia, her academic training and passion to help others achieve greatness.

Fun Fact: I gained a love for hiking during the pandemic and now seek out local trails to explore while traveling.


Michele Garcon

Director of Education Partnerships
Division of Diversity, Inclusion and Community Engagement

Years of Service: 5

Significant Contributions: The work of our K-12 pre-college programs like RFS and the Hill Center with Camden youth aligns with the campus's strategic plan to increase the number of students from Camden City enrolled at Rutgers Camden.

Fun Fact: I skipped the second grade.

Sharlene J. Joseph-Brown 

Sr. Executive Department Administrator/Supervisor
Rutgers School of Nursing–Camden

Years of Service: 6

Significant Contributions: I have actively contributed to fulfilling Rutgers' mission of public service by volunteering in numerous civic and community engagement initiatives, particularly addressing social determinants of health in Camden. Whether serving meals at the Ronald McDonald House, administering Covid-19 vaccinations at local schools, providing school and sports physicals to Camden youth, or serving as a Program Coordinator for the AmeriCorps Public Health Program, my efforts align with the university's commitment to supporting the needs of the community and promoting well-being.

Fun Fact: I love collecting cookbooks and exploring culinary traditions from around the world.

Cecelia Kane

Nurse Practitioner; Acting Associate Director of Medical Services
Student Wellness Center

Years of Service: 10

Significant Contributions: Pillar #3: I am proud to be part of a student-patient's holistic experience by having conversations with them regarding how their academic life is progressing. I hope to identify any issues prior to the student deciding to "call it quits” and have even informally mentored struggling nursing students. We also have a program that focuses on providing a Wellness Visit for EOF, TREO, and Memphis cohorts.

Fun Fact: I was born and raised in Amityville, NY...yes, the Amityville Horror town.

Priscilla McCoy 

Senior Scheduling Officer
Office of the Registrar

Years of Service: 10

Significant Contributions: Support Civic Engagement - MLK Day of Service, City of Camden Partnerships. Support RU-C 1st-Gen Networking Events. Member of Student Government Association, Student Experience Committee, Spring'24

Fun Fact: I enjoy culture, food, family and travel. My Bucket aka Wish List is to visit as many Wonders of the World as possible.

Madrid Moore

Associate Director of Administration & Operations
Student Wellness Center

Years of Service: 30

Significant Contributions: I started the food pantry on Campus in 2017 to address nutritional needs and combat food insecurity on campus. I work with Agency partners such as South Jersey Food Bank, and Philabundance to provide food assistance to our students. In addition, we have partnered with The Rutgers Alumni Association, The Events office, The Rutgers Camden Police Department, The Biology Department, School of Social Work, The Nursing School, School of Business, Civic Engagement, The Honor Society, The Chancellors office, The entire Division of Student Affairs, The Student Governing Assoc., Camden Human Resources and Facilities sponsoring, assisting, coordinating events throughout the campus to ensuring that our students did not have to go without.  I am proud that we have been able to give out over 150,000 pounds of food and 90,000 individual meals. We are combatting food insecurity on our Campus- One meal at a time!

Fun Fact: I love nature. I love to hike, glamp (which is all the luxuries of home in a tent) and explore new things outdoors.

Ajeenah Nuriddin-Little

Director, Academic Support
Division of Student Academic Success

Years of Service: 8

Significant Contributions: As a champion of student success, my work to support students at every point of their academic journey is directly connected with the retention of our undergraduate students. I collaborate with faculty on academic support strategies to improve their academic understanding and cultivate a positive learning environment for our students to thrive.

Fun Fact: I would love to live on an island and wake up to the beautiful sun everyday!

Tiece Riddick 

Senior Program Coordinator, Mountainview Community
Student Academic Success

Years of Service: 5

Significant Contributions: The Mountainview Community exemplifies Rutgers Camden's commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion through intensive student- centered program support that validates and addresses the unique needs of an underserved population.

Fun Fact: I enjoy shopping at thrift stores to find unique clothing and home decor.

Ashley Ross

University Facilities

Years of Service: 10

Significant Contributions: Ensure educational spaces and facilities are presentable to ensure Rutgers professional image.

Fun Fact: On my 23rd birthday, I accidentally got lost on a mountain in Japan


Amina Shabazz

Department Administrator
Provost Office

Years of Service: 7

Significant Contributions: Beyond traditional administrative tasks, I have provided strategic support to senior executives, assisting in the development and execution of key initiatives. This involves conducting research, preparing reports, and facilitating communication between various departments, ensuring a cohesive approach to achieving organizational goals. Coordinating logistics, liaising with external stakeholders, and ensuring that events align with the university's mission and goals. These efforts have not only elevated the university's profile but also contributed to a positive and professional image.

Fun Fact: I own a consignment closet

Danyelle Thurman

Assistant Dean/Director
Rutgers University–Camden College of Arts and Sciences

Years of Service: 23

Significant Contributions: I have contributed to the Rutgers-Camden mission by assisting students for the past 22 years with personal development and relationship building, as well as empowering them to create educational plans that are consistent with their personal interests, values, and goals.  I have also collaborated with Rutgers-Camden faculty and staff to introduce students to campus and community resources, independent research projects, learning abroad and internship opportunities which helped aid to student success.

Fun Fact: My favorite holiday is Christmas! My family, friends and colleagues have learned to cope with my love of Christmas from the months of October through December as I only listen to Christmas music during that time!

Tammie Walker

Senior Program Coordinator
Student Accounting

Years of Service: 25

Significant Contributions: I've had the pleasure of co-speaking at International Student Orientation and the experience was extremely positive. Students get to meet and have a connection outside of the international office for issues with their accounts.

Fun Fact: I love anime.

Celeste Williams  

Administrative Coordinator
Office of Student Academic Student Success  

Years of Service: 14

Significant Contributions: Nearly 14 years to Rutgers University, progressing from an administrative assistant at Rutgers Cooperative Extension to roles such as Executive Assistant to the Chief of Staff and Vice Chancellors at the Chancellor's office. Her commitment to service and support aligns with Rutgers-Camden's mission.

Fun Fact: I was a dancer on the 80’s American dance television show, Dance Party USA aka previously Dancin’ on Air